Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Breaking into the booty shorts club

Ok I have a confession, I like to run in as little clothing as possible. It's not that I am some kind of crazy attention seeker. I realize that it is extremely risky to run alone in the evening hours and the fact that I am clad in nothing more than shorts and a sports bra do not make me any safer. But to defend myself - clothes just get in the way. I can't stand the way T-shirt sleeves get all bunched up as my arms move back and forth. I despise running tank tops as their tight fitting bodies tend to creep up my torso and settle in a bunch around my narrow waist. I cannot spend an hour yanking a top down around my hips every three minutes. I hate pants when I run. Sometimes I can tolerate a legging but the length always feels awkward. There are days when even my regular running shorts are too long and they catch on my thighs. I have a bad habit of hiking them up so they are out of my way but of course they never really stay that way.
All that being said, It is a wonder to me that I still haven't broken down and got myself a pair of spandex booty shorts for running. Oh I have thought about it. There have been many times wandering through Dicks, or at Philadelphia Runner, my local running store, where I will see a fabulous pair of tight shorty shorts and just HAVE to try them on. I tell myself that this is it, this will be the time I will find a pair of shorts I like. That lasts all of 2.5 seconds because as soon as I am in that tiny little fitting room, the one with the three way mirror and the bad lighting that accentuates my butt in all the bad ways and none of the good ways, I take one look at myself in those shorts and remind myself why I still do not own any.
I wouldn't say I have body image issues. In fact I couldn't be happier with the shape I am in. More than anything I think I am just honest with myself about my body. I have been in the fashion industry long enough to know that I am with out a doubt pear shaped person. I am tiny on top and full on the bottom. Looking at the rest of my family I am not sure where this stems from but that really isn't the point now is it? I also seen enough people in life wear clothes that are either not their size, or not for their body type. Just because you want to be a size 6, and can squeeze your butt into a size 6 if you don't eat, breath or move, doesn't mean you should actually be wearing a 6. I have watched too many people look stupid to make that mistake myself. And so every time I wear those tight shorts I remind myself I do not have a tiny perky little backside and
So when I found myself in Aerie trying to find something to spend christmas gift certificate on I surprised even myself by picking up yet another pair of stretchy shorts to try on. Of course I also. picked up a few other styles including the traditional nylon shorts with the brief liner just to be safe. I don't shop often but when I do I tend to be overwhelmed by sales staff. Especially in a store that is aimed at people half my age. So when the sales girl comes up to me for a second time to see if she can start me a fitting room I just give in and go to try things on. Let's get this over with.
First up are the real running shorts. They are adorable, navy with white side panels and pink trim. They look short enough to not get in my way, but long enough to cover my whole behind and not just a part of it. I pull them on, and right away realize they are not made for people with my body. They are made for my 14 year old sister who is 5'5" and about 100 lbs with a perfectly flat stomach and no curves. NEXT! Second, I take a deep breath and pick up the spandex shorts. I am not at all convinced that these will look good but they have a nice fold over waistband at the top and so I convince myself this will make it better. Perhaps it was the spacious fitting room, or the lighting, or the fact that I was not spending my own money that night but as I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, I was for once, not completely horrified. I was quite pleased. Ok I take that back I will leave it with I was not horrified.
I actually jogged in place in my bare feet to make sure the shorts did not bother me at all until I remembered that the fitting room walls and doors stopped a foot from the floor and people were probably noticing that I looked like a total spaz. Ok I was sold. I was actually a little excited. I had finally got brave enough to buy spandex shorty shorts! But could I bring myself to wear them?
I packed them in my gym bag Sunday night. With no other options and knowing I needed to work out I would have to wear them. Monday after work - I faced the music and put them on. I did my regular Monday workout with SuperBoss and then I started up the treadmill for my run. The rest of my outfit was just adorable if I do say so myself. I matched my black shorts with a black Nike sports bra and topped it off with a turquoise Lilly tank that had a slight racer back cut at the back. It was supposed to have two buttons at the front but it had been a sample so the buttons were missing. Something that was a little too scandalous for an every day outfit made a fantastic workout top!
Long story short (no pun intended) I ran 5 1/2 miles that night in these little booty shorts and I loved every part of it. Next time I think I will go for a pair with out the fold over waistband. It kept creeping up and unfolding so I would much prefer something that stayed in place. But as far as the tightness and the shortness, it was like running in nothing with the benefit of being clothed. Now that I had made the jump and tried spandex shorts I was completely addicted. I now want to replace my whole shorts wardrobe with spandex shorts and get rid of my old baggy brief lined ones. Who knows maybe it will even future motivate me to tone up my hamstrings and tush.
Guess the moral of this story is you never know how great something is unless you actually try it out. That, and as much as our society emphasizes looks and appearances sometimes you just have to say "hey world, shove it" and do what you want. Because once I finally stopped worrying about what was in the mirror and got out there, it was pretty awesome.

xx Sara

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Worthington said...

Go booty shorts! I am a fan. Love the UnderArmour ones but good to know Aerie is nice as their price is great so I will need to check that out!