Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Race Ready

With three days left until I leave for Boston for the Team Challenge half marathon, I'm once again starting my list of what to pack for the weekend. This time I will be gone for three days, no Boyfriend to accompany me and I want to make sure I don't forget a single thing (although I know I will). Now I am not completely high maintenance. I don't need to bring my own pillows, or sheets, I can make due with hotel coffee and such, but there are a few necessities

- Gatorade Powder. Lightweight and can be mixed into any water bottle anywhere.
- Once A Runner. Last year Boyfriend was so sweet as to buy me a copy of my fave running novel. The night before the race it helps me ease pre-race day nerves

- Hair Accessories. Since my first ever marathon I have worn a bow in bow in my hair for (almost) every race. It started as a way to work some pink into my outfit, and continued as a superstition. For this race, because the Team Challenge colors are navy and orange I plan on being a little over the top and wearing something a little like this. I'll be channeling my inner cheerleader.

What are you packing for your next race?

xx Sara


That Pink Girl said...

Yes! I always wear a double pink bow on race day. It's totes okay then and only then, ha! You are going to look SO cute in your cheerleader bow!

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I always make sure to have some Sharkies electrolyte fruit snacks and my i-fitness belt!! Best of luck this weekend!

Denise said...

that's an open ended question with the next race being the ultra...let's just say EVERYTHING!!

good luck this wknd