Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

and going to... CHINA. Oh yea and I'm leaving on Saturday.

The trip is for work, and pretty common in the garment industry. I am excited to be able to experience yet another culture (as I was able to travel to Sri Lanka last November) and happy that we were able to schedule this trip at the VERY beginning of training and not smack in the middle or right at the end. You would think that a week away wouldn't cause too much of a ripple in my schedule, especially considering we stay at pretty modern hotels equipped with gyms and everything. In fact on most vacations my sneakers are the first thing to go into my suitcase, no matter what the weather or the destination I can always count on running.
But think about it this way. We will leave on a Saturday morning and after the long flight and time difference it will be Sunday afternoon. Goodbye weekend. Then once you get in all you want to do is shower and sleep. The next day, after a quick breakfast you are whisked away to work and to take advantage of the short time period the days are usually pretty long. Goodbye weekdays. And then When it's all over you do the whole long flight time difference thing. I expect to loose a good 10 days of running.

All that being said I am still excited to go, and happy it will probably be my only trip of the year. That leaves the rest of the summer and fall for international travel free training. Happy Days.

Originally this week was supposed to be a "no run" week for me. This was Coach Jack's suggestion that I take a week off from any running to get mentally ready for marathon training. Except with no running happening while I am overseas, no running for two weeks doesn't sound like a good idea in my book. So next week will be no running, this week looks a little something like this.

Monday 3.5 miles @ Valley Forge
Tuesday OFF
Wednesday 3.5 miles (800's on the treadmill b/c of the weather
Thursday 30-45 min Non-run workout
Friday 4 miles - destination weather dependent

Have any great workout moves that are great for traveling/hotel rooms? Pass them my way!

xx Sara

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Denise said...

that's awesome that you get to travel like that for work. have fun!