Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When I was a little girl, I was that classic "but it's not fair!", child. I would cry and pout and stomp my little feet as if it had any effect on the fairness of the world. It was always something small, probably not getting to go to the candy store or going out to play or staying up late. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that things don't always work out the way they should.

My dad would always say "Life isn't fair" or he would start to sing that classic line "You can't always get what you waaaant..." which for some reason only made me more angry.

Over the years I have gotten better about accepting somethings for what they are, fair or not. But somewhere deep in my core is the part of me that always wants to fight for what is right. Maybe it's because I work hard, I am determined and dedicated and I believe that with hard work should come deserved results. I believe that blood sweat and tears (or some combination of the three) should result in some form of reward even if it's only a "way to go" or "you did really well". Just something.

But the truth is, my dad was right. Yes. I just said my dad was right. I hope he's not listening... Life is not fair, or just, and sometimes it plain just doesn't make any sense. Bad things happen to good people, people are mean to people who work hard, and people who work hard may never see the results they aim for. And there is nothing anyone can do to change the way things work.

How's that for a cold hard reality check? And what does this have to do with running? I guess it's just something that's been on my mind a lot lately. It's something I've had to deal with since being diagnosed with asthma. I could ask myself a million times why it happend to me, or say it's not fair that I train so hard and that asthma will always hold me back. But the truth is that it could also be a lot worse. In the grand scheme of things I would say I have it pretty easy.

So I guess all I'm saying, while getting some much pent-up feelings off my chest is there is always a bright side. Even when things seem unfair, they could always be worse.

So yes maybe you trained perfectly for that 10 miler but the weather was cold and windy or too hot and humid and things didn't go to plan. Not fair right? At least you were able to run. You worked really hard for a promotion you never got? At least you have a job.

So what is it you think is never fair, or never goes your way? Come'on everyone needs a good "no-fair" vent.

xx Sara

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Rachel said...

so true. i think a lot of it comes down to perspective, too. nothing wrong with letting out a "that's not fair", but eventually you've got to pull yourself together and look at the bigger picture.