Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm happier when I am hungry

Uh oh. Watch out for that one. She doesn't eat. She counts her calories, she must be in trouble. She might be depressed. Does she need to talk about it? What are the underlying issues at hand here? How do we get her to talk about her problem?
Hi. have you ever tried to run 800's after eating half a pizza? I sure as heck don't recommend it. And since my life revolves around running and performance you'd be happier when you were hungry too. If you wanted to run your fastest, and knew that meant being in the best shape ever you'd write down every single calorie you ate too. Ok maybe most people would have someone do it for you. I mean that's why they have nutritionists right? Well I am my own nutritionist. And since I probably know more of what I'm doing than YOU do, please leave me and my diet be.
Go ahead and sit there and eat your rice cakes, which p.s. by the way have all the nutritional benefit of eating paper. Paper probably has less preservatives in it. And far less sugar. You might want to start eating paper for breakfast instead.
Go ahead and think you are being healthy with your salad big enough it could feed a small African village. And its defiantly ok becuase you got the low fat dressing. don't worry that instead of fat you now have tons of sugar. Somethings got to replace the taste you know.
Don't get me started on this cookie diet. Sally is on the cookie diet. She lost ten pounds last week. Its the best thing ever. Lady, if i didn't eat all day I would loose ten pounds in a week too! There is a reason the won't even let you exercise, if you ate any fewer calories you'd probably die.
Yes. I am happier when I am hungry. Because I run better when I am hungry. And then I go home and eat...
And if you want something bad enough, it's worth everything you give up to get there.

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