Monday, April 28, 2008

What not to wear

Did you ever notice how 99% of girls at the gym wear yoga pants? Now granted I don't spend that much time at the gym these days, but i try to get there at least once a week and I tend to watch people while I'm there. I mean I can only stare at my reflection running in the window for about ten minutes before I either get dizzy or bored or both. So I happened to notice that In all the time I spend at the gym I have probably only ever seen three girls in shorts. And becuase I am guilty of the same crime, I have come to this conclusion. Girls wear yoga pants so they do not have to shave their legs. I mean sure there is like a five inch gap between our socks and the hem of our pants but how much time and effort does it take to shave that in the morning versus our entire legs?
Now when I go running on the street, I'm sorry but I do not care what I look like. Generally the less clothing the better becuase I do not want to be weighed down with fabric. And I do not run close to anyone for any point in time to care what they might think of my appearance. But If I am going to be treadmill buddies with anyone for more than twenty minutes. You better believe I am wearing yoga pants.
You might ask well then, why not actual pants. I don't have an answer for this. Mostly they just feel like overkill. I mean the gym is a sweat box as it is. You probably lose five pounds in sweat just being there even if you didn't engage in any activity. So wearing pants and a teeshirt is just asking for heat exhaustion.
The other thing I have notices is that guys rarely wear sweatpants and are most often in basketball shorts. If you ever see a guy in short shorts at the gym he is almost always a runner, and therefor almost always out of place.
You know what else I don't understand? people who can watch tv or read magazines and books even when they are working out. How hard can you possibly be working if you have enough thought left to read a novel? Don't mind me while I sit here on this stationary bike next to you dripping with sweat, I must be doing something wrong because my workout is actually making me, oh i don't know, work?

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