Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brace yourself

Ralph is the proud new owner of one lovely new fashion accessory - a fitted knee brace to keep his knee cap in place! Yay! I'm happy, because he is on his way to getting better, but he is not happy because it is bulky and uncomfortable.

I was helping Ralph train for an 8-k when he started complaining of knee pain after one of his longer runs. First things first - stop running! But after it didn't go away in a week I started getting nervous. And he got discouraged. Multiple doctor's visits, an X-ray and an MRI later, he finally had a diagnosis that his knee cap was sliding out of place every time he bent his knee (ouch!). Thankfully he is taking the less intrusive route and getting the brace to stabilize it day to day, and going to physical therapy to strengthen all his muscles and hopefully is able to run again come spring, or maybe summer.

I don't know what's harder, being injured and not being able to run, or watching someone close to you be injured and not be able to run. I miss our runs along the tow path (thankfully it's cold so those aren't really an option anyways) and how we could easily chat about our day as we ran along. I am so proud of everything he has accomplished and I am just hoping for a speedy recovery so we can start running together again. With me taking some time off from marathons I think this year will be really great for running smaller races together.

As for me I have been so busy with wedding planning and Team Challenge coaching (and hating mother nature for winter - except when I am snowboarding) that I have been pushing my personal running aside. Saturday I was able to get outside for three great miles through the snow ice and what have you. It was cold but I FINALLY got to use my Garmin for the first time. I'm not even sure if I used it right, but I'm just excited I got to take it out of the box. Yesterday being valentines day was a huge wrench in my workout schedule. I didn't want to come home sweaty for our nice romantic dinner so I skipped the gym altogether and forced myself out of bed at 6am today to head to the gym before work.

I felt like amazing afterwards. Except for the waking up early part. But otherwise I feel like I am finally getting back on track. YAY!

xx Sara

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