Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Full Plate

I would have to say I excel at taking on too many things at once. Kate Middleton has quit her full time job to spend all her time planning her wedding. Me? Hey why don't I take on a whole side job while also planning a wedding. Why not?

So if I am not writing in painstaking detail about every run and every workout - it is because I probably am busy getting confused what day of the week. Oh yeah, an
d also probably because I have not been working out that much.

Dear Mother Nature,
Enough of this winter business. I am cold.
xx Sara

What is this side job I have taken on? Assistant Coach for Team Challenge! I know only a crazy person would say yes to all this extra work at the EXACT same time they get engaged, but that just proves I'm crazy (In case there was any doubt). I couldn't help it. I love running, and I love being involved with Team Challenge. I have gone from participant, to mentor, and now I am moving on up the ladder. I am so excited to be able to work with first time runners or people taking on the 13.1 for the first time, and I am also excited to see what new things experienced runners will be able to teach me.

First time half marathon finishers!!

Oh yea, and on top of all THAT I am taking my RRCA coaching certification in April. It is going to be one CRAZY year, that's for sure.

cute - but we are NOT getting married in front of a giant boat painting.
xx Sara


Rachel said...

wow, you definitely have a lot going on! but it all sounds like it will be fun, too. i would love to step up to a coaching position one day, and working with first-timers would be so rewarding. try not to get too stressed!

Michie said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing for first time runners-- it helped me tremendously to have a mentor when I first started. Best wishes as you live out this "crazy year"!

Allison said...

You're totally at Mystic Seaport in that pic, aren't you?!

Good luck with everything on your plate!!

Sara Elizabeth said...

@Allison yes we are at the Mystic Seaport. It is such a beautiful location, but not very "us".

Teecycle Tim said...

Congrats on the Team Challenge coaching job! It does take time, but few things are as rewarding. You're going to love it.

TC Coach Tim C