Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not done yet. Not done yet. Not done yet.

Welcome to what keeps me motivated
The first thing I did after signing up for the Rutgers UNITE 1/2 Marathon was

a. Print out a picture of the course map to hang on my wall - tradition will all my races
b. Move all my inspirational running quotes, pictures and training log to the front wall of my cube so I would have to stare at it all day five days a week. If that isn't enough of a reminder I don't know what is. Short of writing 13.1 on the back of my hands ever morning.

If I am not careful running is going to take over my work!!


(yay for my first photo in a post - watch out cause I'm getting good at this!)


Muffy said...

Welcome to blogging! You're doing great!


Anonymous said...

how long have you been running? xo Mitsy

Sara Liza said...

Hi Misty - I have been running long distances for about four years now. I ran my first 1/2 Marathon on '06 and have been hooked ever since!