Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to Monday. But not just any Monday. The first Monday of the new year, 2010 to be exact (like anyone could forget what year it is). Today at exactly 5pm I will be gathering up my belongings, shutting down my computer and heading to the gym. Today a lot of people will be doing the exact same thing, but for many it will be the first time in months or even years they have set foot in my favorite place. New years resolution gym go-ers are bound to be out in full force. And personally although I am happy for people who want to make the effort to get in shape, I would have been a lot happier to hang out with them last month during the Christmas crunch as well.
Today is unofficial start a diet day with women all over America. So as I pack my lunch of baby carrots and cheery tomatoes, yogurt, a banana, whole grain bagel and cream cheese, an apple and sugar free ice tea, I am sure that if today you walked into my office for the first time you would mistake me for one of those people. Call me crazy but after two days of take out food I was just about ready to go on a fruit juice fast or eat nothing but carrots for two days until I felt myself getting back into shape.
Today - unlike much of America unfortunately - I am getting back into my normal routine. I cannot wait. I am happy to be, for once, in shape through the holidays and through the winter. A month ago i could barely do ten sit ups with out feeling a burn through my body. Just the other day I did at least thirty with out feeling anything (until the next morning!) It was moments like that when I really start to feel how much i have let myself go.
Happy new years resolutions and Happy getting fit!

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