Sunday, March 20, 2011

FiveK Fail

Don't you hate when you throw your goals and ambitions up for the public to read and then they become a giant sad face failure?

Not even the guilt of having to write this post could get me out of bed this morning for my race. Nor could the guilt of having spent money on the registration fee, or the guilt of dragging Ralph down to the city to pick up my race packet. I guess just like everyone has their first DNF, you have to have a first DNSU (Did Not Show Up).

What happened to me? I wasn't nervous. I wasn't scared. I just. Didn't. Want. To go.

Way to lead by example Sara. But really? I had taken a week off of running a few weeks back b/c of a cough. A cough I thought was getting better so I started running again. And then It didn't go away. I guess I thought my body deserved a little rest, and maybe if it got the rest it wanted my cough would go away and I could run guilt free.

Basically I woke up at 6am, looked at my phone, shut off my alarm and went back to sleep. It is not my proudest moment. Especially with all the carbs I have been eating. A small part of my feels a little bit guilty. But a large part of me feels really happy to have enjoyed a leisurely Sunday, making pancakes and drinking coffee with my Fiance.

There will be other races. There will be other runs.

Have you ever opted not to even show up to a race? How did you feel afterwards??

xx Sara


MrsVega said...

It sounds like in the end the decision was the best for you! And you are right "there will be other races".

Rachel said...

i've never skipped out on a race, but have done so on many a training run. honestly, sometimes it's the best decision at the time and in the end, running (or racing) is not everything. i can relate to the feelings of guilt though, but it sounds like you did the right thing : )