Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Weight

A world where I have to count and keep track of all the calories I eat and burn in a day is a world I could never be happy in. That being said, my life needs a serious change.

There is something about the word "wedding" that gets us girls to trade our daily dessert for extra diet water and sugar free everything? Maybe it's the fact that we have to prance around for an entire day in a super tight ball gown, or maybe it's the pictures we will have to look back on for the rest of our lives. Or maybe it's that we're so busy actually planning we forget to slow down and have normal lives where we, you know, work out and eat right? I never thought I'd be that person, but suddenly I am wondering what happened to the fit active girl who was around just a few months ago. I think I slowly let planning creep into my life and take over my gym time.

Thankfully for the time being I have a lot of things crossed off our wedding to-do list, and it feels great. With engagement pictures coming up on month from today I can't help but realize I need to maybe tone up a bit in some of my not so favorite places (yes butt and thighs, hips too, I am talking about you!).

But I refuse to "diet". In my mind is a really ugly word that makes me think of deprivation, limits, and unhappiness. I don't respond well to food diaries, or calorie counting. I have tired the Loose It app for my ipad so many times now, only to last a week because I cannot face watching the amount of food I eat add up. And you know what, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Some people just can't do it.

What I do know, is what does work for me, and that's listening to my body. Intuitive eating I guess? Eating less dessert, eating more fruits through out the day, drinking more water, smaller portions, all those good things. That is the only diet I have been known to be good at following. And if I want chocolate, I have chocolate. Just not a pound of it. I would much rather learn when my body is satisfied with food than have a calculator tell me I have eaten too many calories.

What is your healthy eating plan? Are you a calorie counter or an intuitive eater?

xx Sara

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Rachel said...

wow i could not agree with you more! it's like you were describing me and my outlook on food & exercise. i think your plan sounds smart and healthy and i'm sure you are going to look fabulous come wedding day!