Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just don't quit?

"Just Don't Quit. Ever"

Words of advise from my former friend/coach when training for my first marathon. I get it. I really do. Just keep pushing even when you want to stop and curl up in a ball and cry. Keep going even though your legs feel like lead. For so long I lived by these words, and they inspired me to push through a lot of things. So when I started my blog it only made sense that this would be my mantra. It was so simple.

But things change, and I grew up a little. I realized you don't always have to push. It's ok to take a break sometimes and it's not called quitting. It's called life. Balance. Happiness.

Today when I opened up my blog I was hit with the feeling that I needed a change.

Let's be serious - I'm just a happy girl running in pink and loving every minute of life. I may never come close to qualifying for Boston. And I don't really care anymore. I have an amazing fiance who has adapted to my crazy running life and I have started coaching and find that to be the most rewarding experience.

New outlook = New blog title


xx Sara

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Rachel said...

i love the new refreshing outlook! running is only one facet of life, not everything, and sometime a break is the best thing you can do.