Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For the love of Pinterest

For some reason, there are certain modes of social media that I just can't deal with right now. AKA Facebook. Yet oddly enough I have no problem blogging or tweeting away.

So when friends of mine started talking about pinterest I was intrigued for about 2.5 seconds (I big pink puffy heart love photo inspiration) until I realized you had to link it to facebook of twitter. I'm weird when it comes to the internet. I like my privacy (yes I realize - I blog about my life what kind of privacy do I expect...) and I'm picky when it comes to what to share on the internet.

Anyways - long story short I thought I would be ok not joining this pinterest community. And then I started to realized how awesome/amazing/fun/inspirational it was. So I went back. And now I am OBSESSED. Oops.

Here are some of my fav pins when I did a search on running:

Are you on/obsessed with Pinterest? Where do you get your running motivation/inspiration? (mine used to come from running magazines).

xx Sara

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