Thursday, December 1, 2011

Question: How do you know when it's meant to be?

Answer: when you don't have to ask that question.

It sounds silly. It sounds like something that's not even worth saying because it should be so obvious. But then why do people every day ask that question.

"How do I know?"

This has come into play in my life a lot lately. Everything we have planned for the wedding is based on my feeling of "just knowing". If you have any doubts about

But what does this have to do with running?

Lately I have been coaching my friend Jason, as well as Ralph, and they both did AMAZING with their first goal race. I honestly couldn't be more proud of both of them and love building plans for their future race and running goals. This will be a whole new chapter in my coaching life. Instead of getting them to complete a distance we will be working towards improving performance at that given distance. They both want to improve their half marathon times as well as add some PR's to shorter races. I've gotten a few email requests for runners looking for a coach and I have begun to work on growing this into an actual business instead of just helping friends.

What I've come to realize is on those race weekends, when I am submerged into racing life, visiting expos, talking about training and race goals and paces I am SO HAPPY in a way I can't really describe. Talking about running, sharing my knowledge with other people, watching them succeed, that really makes feel like I am doing something that matters. I don't have to ask myself "does this make me happy" because it just feels right. And the more I do it, the more my confidence grows and the more I enjoy doing what I am doing. The more I know that I am meant to do this. It's not even a question.

Now that the wedding is almost four *GASP* months away I am also trying to get myself into the gym to do more "total body" type workouts. Lifting weights for my arms/shoulders/back, and working my core. Every now and then I have a coworker or two who will end up in the gym with me and ask for advice. What exercises should they do and how many etc. Can I show them what to do. Now I always start with the disclaimer of "I am NOT a personal trainer. I may look fit and love to workout but I learn a lot of what I do from magazines and the internet". But I don't mind giving out a few pointers, or at least my opinion on things. And I love that time as much as I love coaching.

I just love sharing my knowledge with others. I take for granted sometimes that my parents brought me up in a active and healthy lifestyle. Not everyone gets that, or has the right information or resources to make healthy changes. I love helping people see results. Or giving people tools to use in their own workouts.

I'm starting to realize I never had to ask myself "Should I pursue personal training?" "Should I make larger steps towards what I want to spend the rest of my life doing" I knew all along that this was the right fit for me, it just feels right.

Have you ever wanted to make a big change in your life and wondered if it was the right step to take? Or did you just know it was right because there was never any question?

xx Sara

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