Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The fit of it all

Thanks to my job, I know far too much about the fit of my clothing and the shape of my body. I spend all day fitting pants and reciting off standard size measurements for a size 6 and can also tell you where I fit in. I know that my body is not proportional, to a standard shape and I am ok with that. I have a tiny waist and larger hips and I have come to accept this as part of what makes me, me.

Lately though, I cannot help but notice that my jeans feel looser at the waist, and tighter in my calves. When I look at my legs, stretching out on the carpeted floor after a hard workout I notice my ankles are looking smaller in comparison to my expanding calves. But my stubborn hips refuse to get smaller. I think of how interesting it is that your body can transform with out you really asking it to. I never asked for a smaller waist, or a certain look to my legs. I never asked for quads as hard as rocks. I just asked that my body take me as far as I asked it to for the day. I ask that it do so with out too much pain, and in return I try to give it eight hours of sleep a day. Sometimes I throw in a couple of Advil and an ice bath. I ask that my stomach not loose my lunch on a particularly difficult day of intervals, and in return it gets the occasional cheeseburger and ice cream Sunday. Although we both know it's my taste buds and not my stomach that get the read benefit. My stomach is probably just cursing me for filling it with grease and processed food it has to work even harder to break down.

So today, in fitting, when I was asked to try on a pair of shorts to cross fit on a smaller body, I didn't think anything of it. But when I put them on and they practically feel off I was feeling a little WTF. I had always been a little smaller, but this small? We started taking guesses on my waist size, which I gauged to be somewhere around 27"? 27 1/2"? how small could I be really? What? my waist is between a 0-2? oh but my hips are between an 8-10? Oh that is just fabulous news, really I am jumping up and down with excitement right now.

Dear Body,
I am good to you, I don't smoke and I only drink sometimes (and only the good stuff!). I work out, and I eat good things, I sleep and I stretch my muscles often. Why do you hate me so much you cannot learn to grow proportionately! I am not sure what more you want me to do. I tried the organic dairy free thing, remember how much you didn't like that?? I can't take you off coffee, things don't go very well for either one of us. I am not even planning on running a marathon this year!!
Love and Kisses - ME

In all reality I get over it quite easily. I have given up on having smaller hips many years ago. Let's face it, I am not cut out for a restrictive diet. I would rather have a normal life. I would quite honestly rather be able to eat ice cream, and I think those around me would agree, I much more enjoyable when I am fed.

xx Sara


Bethany said...

I am the same shape! I'm always off on what my measurements "should" be proportionally. But I'm not worried. You're beautiful and healthy and are probably in better shape than me times 1,000!

Black Labs and Lilly said...

With all the hills I have been running as prep for the big day I've developed "Beyonce" thighs and don't even talk to me about the freakishly bulging calf muscles that pop out when I wear heels at the offic! Oh well, all the better to power me up those inclinces!