Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yes Ma'am

So often when you are running to train, you have to make choices like running after work on St. Patrick's Day instead of going out for a few pints of Guinness with friends. Never the less, after four years of training on and off I had gotten pretty good at turning down invites and had long ago realized that if I wanted to be ready on race day I had to run, no matter what the holiday.
Since the weather was nothing short of fantastic, I had only shorter runs planned for the week, and Boyfriend is in the middle of training for a 5K in April, I thought it was the perfect chance for us to run outside together. I planned out a short route in which I would park about 2 miles away from his apartment, run from my car to his place, and he would run with me from his place back to my car. It could not be more perfect.
lately though I have been reading so many blogs and noticing that there are so many fabulous photographers out there. Even if it's just a 'how-to' post there are some great images to go along with it. This inspired me to take my camera with me on last night's run and snap photos along the way.
The sun felt so good on my winter white skin as I stepped out of the car and stretched out. Snapped a few pictures, lost my car key, found my car key, called Boyfriend and told him I was starting, and then took off.

Schuylkill River from my parking spot by Falls Bridge. It was at this point that I misplaced my car key for about five minutes only to find it tucked safely in the waistband of my shorts.

Only when I say "take off" you are undoubtedly picturing me sprinting off into the sunset. And it was nothing like that at all. I mean I ran in the general direction of the sunshine, but it was a pretty slow start. Making the transition from treadmill to road is often very difficult, I get used to feeling faster than I really am (thanks a lot treadmill...) so I make it a point for the first few times to run extra slow in order to avoid getting discouraged. IPod and Camera in hand I instantly got a mental picture of Zooey Deschanel's character in Yes Man, leading around her jogging photography group. Although my camera is quite tiny I must have looked awfully silly stopped every now and again to get a good shot. Next time I think I may try taking pictures as I'm moving. I predict it will be nothing short of a disaster!
Route 1 Bridge crossing over the river

So I alternate running, and stopping to snap some shots. I saw a lot of things that would have made great photographs but I knew that Boyfriend was waiting for me at the end of the trail and I didn't want to keep him waiting. For instance I ran by a parking lot with a group of bikers (as in motorcycles) milling around and up to no good. I'll admit I also didn't take their picture because I wasn't sure what they'd think of me. But I did go off route to get this next shot
Access bridge across the river. Had to squeeze through a break in the fence to get this one :)

I continued on down the street, past lots of other runners, walkers, and bikers (as in cyclists), past couples and groups of friends going out to celebrate for the night, and other groups who had been out all day and were calling it quits. Luckily I did not have to run past too many bars before I spotted the all too familiar entrance to the tow path. My feet probably started singing when they hit the soft gravel and dirt surface, as did my legs. It felt fantastic. If you can deal with the occasional smell that comes from running behind all of main streets great bars and restaurants than you would love the tow path. It's always so quiet in comparison to the street and there are always a few other runners or walkers out so you never feel completely isolated. The sun on my face felt great, my pace was slow and relaxing, and I got a couple of great pictures too!

Tow path by the Manayunk Canal (favorite photo of the night)

One of the many disintegrating factory buildings left on Venice Island. Manayunk Bridge in the background

Before I knew it I was almost at the end of the trail and I could see Boyfriend up head of me leaning on the fence, stretching out his legs. When I reached where he was standing, I turned around and we began jogging back towards my car. I was so distracted by our conversation about our work, life, and our plans for going out later in the night that I didn't even take a single picture the whole way back. Sometimes though, I enjoy those moments the most. The times when you are fully engulfed into them, and you forget to take pictures, and think about how you will write about it later. You just enjoy and life and live. And last night, running along the river, that's what Boyfriend and I did.

xx Sara


thepreppyprincess said...

This is such a wonderful post, it transports me outdoors into the sun immediately, and that's not easy to do with the written word!

It also reminds me of the pain of moving outside for the run, that's still ahead! Your pictures are beautiful, thank you for making it through the fence for that bridge picture!

May the rest of your week go swimmingly!

Bethany said...

So beautiful! Your pictures and gorgeous route inspire me to run. xoxo