Monday, March 1, 2010

When nothing goes right - just keep going

I am not thrilled when I realize that I did not pack socks in my gym bag. Of course I remind myself that I packed my bag on a Wednesday night, expecting to be snowed in at the office overnight on Thursday and I probably wasn't thinking straight. I remind myself that forgetting socks isn't as bad as forgetting a sports bra. I can live with going sock-less, I refuse to get one of my good bras sweaty. After a week off from running (thank you mother nature) I am not allowing myself any excuses.
I am less than excited when I realize my workout IPod nano is not in my gym bag like I thought it was. I now have to walk back through the commons to get upstairs to my desk and grab my IPod classic as a back up. This is not too terrible though because at least I am not yet in my gym clothes. You see our wholesale accounts are in the Pink Palace this week buying the Fall 2010 line, and they are often here well pas 5 o'clock eating dinner and writing orders. When I get upstairs I am happy to see I do have my nano after all. Score! I grab it, and my green ear buds and head back downstairs. Past the CEO, and all the important people all dressed up. I am in jeans a white teeshirt and gold flats, and I am jogging towards the gym.
I quickly change, and braid back the front part of my hair. You know, the short pieces that used to be bangs, never got maintained and are now too long but still fall out of my pony tail when I run. I head into the gym excited to begin my warm up. Disclaimer - my warm up is not a far shot from most people's actual workout.
I press the center button of my IPod only to have it mockingly flash the low battery sign at me. This workout just isn't destined to go well is it? At least I remembered my inhaler. That would have been the end all for me. So I walk over to the stereo and turn on Q102. It's not so bad because at least they play half the songs on my workout playlist. I crank the volume knob to a loud but tolerable level. There are, after all, very important people dining just on the other side of the door.
I start my warm up, which doesn't have a set routine but serves to get my heart pumping, my muscles warmed up, and my arms and abs to wake up. I grab 5lb weights and start. Lunges. Squats with a leg lift. Side leg lifts with an arm row. 40 crunches. 10 side crunches with a simultaneous leg lift. Hip raises (for my hamstrings) and something that looks much like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant (again for my hamstrings). See, I told you - much like a full workout to some.
I finally bite the bullet and jump on the treadmill. This is supposed to be an easy six. But easy six miles on a treadmill is an oxymoron. there is nothing easy about running on a stationary belt like a hamster. I get through one mile. Not too bad. no pain yet.
I am halfway through my second mile when R walks in. 'ANOTHER PERSON!!' I scream in my head. I am so often the only one in the gym that just having someone else there makes me feel like I can push a little harder. However it is then that my mind starts wandering to my plan for the rest of the week. I have a half marathon coming up in a month and a half! So then I calculate this crazy plan in my head. What if I run three miles today, three on Wednesday and Thursday and *gasp* run an 8 mile long run on Saturday! It's not like I have any plans (other than waiting for the cable guy... yipeee!) and Boyfriend was just giving me a hard time for not yet wearing my running tights running. Just for the record I have worn them snowboarding. Twice. So it's settled. I will only run three miles today. This may be the best news I have given myself all day - considering I can now feel the build up of blisters on the inside arcs of my feet. Do you think that stops me? no of course not. I crank up the speed every quarter mile for the last mile, finishing with a quarter mile cool down. By the time I get to the end and start walking i can practically SEE the blisters through my sneakers. But I keep going.
Things aren't always going to work out, but when things aren't going right, just keep on going. Sooner or later something good is bound to happen.

xx Sara

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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with you! I would have used all of those things as excuses to not do it and leave. My ipod being dead is definitely a deal breaker. I also have gum, socks, and any other excuse I can muster up! :o) Great job!