Tuesday, May 25, 2010

12 Miles and 2 Margaritas

Someone is very behind at their updates *hides head in shame*. But it has been a very busy weekend + Monday and Tuesday. So I guess instead of my usual lengthy writing I should try the cliff notes version? Damn. I am not good at making things short. I love the details!

One thing I noticed as I grocery shopped for salsa ingredients Friday night at about 8pm was that it was the night before a long run and I was not freaking out like I used to do. I hadn't been home yet, I hadn't eaten dinner yet, it was going to be a very long night but I wasn't freaking out about being in bed on time or eating the right things. I mentioned this to Boyfriend later that night in the kitchen while I chopped veggies and he concocted a delicious beef stir fry. I thought I had become more low key, or mellow may have been the word I used. He agreed but said I just seemed more confident. Initially I fought back thinking, didn't I seem confident before, but maybe he had a point. Whatever we chose to call it I was happy that I had found a way to make training and our relationship not only work but flourish. Through running, and my being able to share running with him, we have grown stronger. And because of him I can fall asleep on Friday nights before long runs with out all the anxiety and seriousness I used to have. I don't have to treat every long run like a hard core serious event to do it well.

12 miles on Saturday went great, although the weather was a bit humid and warm at the end. I struggled through the last uphill but didn't beat myself up for it because I was so excited to be done. I had no time to sit and mull over my performance because as soon as we finished I was off to meet up with my college girl friends. We hung out for the rest of the afternoon making margaritas on the rocks, nachos, gabbing, gossiping and just being girls.

On my drive home I couldn't stop thinking about something we had discussed on that morning's run. White chocolate peanut butter. Here is one of the greatest things about runners, we love food almost as much as we love running. And not only that we love good FOR you food that tastes good. And when you run for hours at a time talking non-stop about food and training, I come home with a bunch of new food ideas every week. And this week it was peanut butter. Everyone knows that runners love nut butters. I tried to explain that to Boyfriend as we were on our way to Target to satisfy my craving. He didn't even know about almond butter (which I have yet to try but it's on my list) . While we wandered through the store in search of my treat he made the keen observation that I was pretty cranky. I guess 12 miles and 2 margaritas will do that to a girl who was craving peanut butter and chocolate. Now at first I had been advised this product was available at Whole Foods, but there isn't one close enough to me to warrant the trip, there was however a Target and so I was crossing my fingers. Tight. While we did not find any butters of the white chocolate variety I was so lucky as to get my hands on Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. I was practically drooling the whole way home.

Let me just say that if you like chocolate and peanut butter you will probably want to eat this by the jar full. At least I do. You have to mix it up a bit, like natural peanut butter, and it's flavor is like a spreadable Reece's peanut butter cup. It makes a great breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, or of course all of the above! Shortly after dinner however my long day caught up to me and I passed out on the couch.

Sunday was wonderful and lazy filled with sleeping in, eggs sandwiches and coffee for breakfast, hair cuts and food shopping. Everything an off day should be. And even better Boyfriend and I finally found the White Chocolate Wonderful and it every bit lives up to it's name. Not only that but I also got daring and bought myself a few cups of Oikos Greek Yogurt. I know what you're going to say I'm a little tardy to the party but I promise you not it's not that I didn't try. I just made the rookie mistake of getting the 'plain' kind my first time out of the gate. Now I have adapted myself to 'plain' regular yogurt, but 'plain' Greek yogurt is a little more of an acquired taste. This time I went for Vanilla and low and behold to my surprise I loved it. I am a changed woman I never want to go back to anything else again.

Monday was a pretty uneventful Monday. Too much work and not enough hours in the day. Four somewhat easy miles where I worked on keeping focus and form. As I warmed up every little thing was bothering me. The wet spot on my left sock, the tag of my sports bra, you name it it bugged me until I realized this is how I get at the end of my races. I lose focus and can't get my mind around all the little things that get in the way. So I started making up stories in my head, that always gets my mind off things. Before I knew it I was at a mile, than two, than three and then I was done and I felt great. I was staying at my place sans Boyfriend so I made my favorite quick easy meal - omelet - with spinach, tomato, onion, and cheese!

And then there was today. Today there was no new food, and no new running. There was however yoga in the morning during which I realized it probably is not a good idea to watch the morning news while doing yoga. Yoga is supposed to make my morning feel better. And once I shut off the TV it did.

Tomorrow is a running day, still deciding between four easy, four hard, or five medium. Only time will tell. And now that I am caught up on my writing I will catch up on my sleep.

xx Sara

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Bethany said...

Yoga and the news don't sound like a good combination to me either. I had the best ice cream this weekend ~ the flavor is Denali moose tracks and it has chocolate and peanut butter in it! Pure heaven.