Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot town summer in the city

Super jazzed - one month until Boston 13.1 with Team Challenge! I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I am not only getting ready for another race, but I FEEL ready for another race.

The days continue to be an experiment in being flexible with my schedule and my miles. As long as I fit in an approximate mileage plus my long runs I am pretty happy. I don't know when I became this person who isn't so serious and rigid but I'm really beginning to like her. I hope she sticks around. I guess I just got sick of being hard on myself for missing three quarters of a mile or having to stop and walk or taking a day off to rest or if I'm sick. Why should I beat myself up for the little things I didn't do when there is so much more that I do do. While other people I know are spending their evenings on their couches eating takeout with their feet up and fat slowly collects around their middles, I am out running. I am making a choice to do something better for my self. In the end it all works out.

Tonight was HOT! Having been in the office all day long I had no idea what to expect when I stepped outside in short and sneakers ready to head home for the night. What hit me was like a wall of steam but Boyfriend and I were not going to let that keep us from our weekly three mile run. We made it through all right, it was hot and sweaty and for the most part kind of slow. Perhaps it was the slight overindulgence in pizza and a large M&M cookie at lunch, but even after a sweaty workout I was feeling kind of soft. I needed a burn. A challenge. And then it occurred to me. I had been thinking about doing the 100 push up challenge for a few weeks now but have never done the initial test, the one to see what level you start out at. So before I feed that fat kid in my stomach a heaping bowl of pasta and gravy I headed for some open space on the bedroom floor and got to it.

... and knocked out EIGHT (yes that's right I rarely remember to focus on upper body strength when I run so much) full pushups. I guess it's better than only one or two but I was really hoping for ten. No matter though because what I cannot accomplish today, with hard work and dedication I will be able to accomplish soon! Since they recommend you take a day or two off after your initial test I guess I will start week 1 day 1 on friday. I can't wait to see if I make any progress!

xx Sara

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