Friday, May 21, 2010

Slow Going

On the schedule for yesterday was four easy miles. I couldn't be happier to have a nice easy no pressure workout to get through. And to top it off pizza night was coming a day early. Four easy miles + pizza = happy Sara.

Except last night was the one of the greatest events in a year of Lilly. No not the warehouse sale. Better. Employee sample sale! (Hey it's a hard job, someones gotta do it and this is one of the times it really pays off) Promptly at 3:55 we left our desks and lined up on the stairs to the commons with over sized pink shopping bags slung over our shoulders. And at 4 on the DOT we rushed the merchandise to shop! Pouring over boxes of samples I threw everything I could find in my size into my bag. After two rounds of shopping and trying on I sat perplexed on the gym floor trying to sort my purchases into 'keep' and 'put back' until my keep pile met my previously determined budget. It was then that I looked up at the clock behind me to see it was 6:45. WHAT? How in the world had I spend THREE HOURS shopping!?!

Seeing how much precious running time I had spend shopping (although well worth it) I grabbed my things and headed to the registers. I went over in my mind if I could fit in a four mile run. It would take me half an hour to get home. I still wanted to order pizza. I could afford to skip my run, I could also afford to do only three miles. I knew if I skipped I would feel fat and guilty (this is only for about an hour and then I would enjoy my but being on the couch drinking a beer).
After much internal debate I told myself to shut up, suck it up and run. At most three miles would take me half an hour and there was still so much glorious summer sunlight outside. Running it is.

I wasn't planning on running with my headphones, I never am, but I just wanted something to take my focus off the fact that I wanted to be eating dinner. I swear I meant to go easy. I always start out being exited to run easy. But then I think about my stride, I feel like no matter what my stride should not look or feel lazy. And when I focus on stride I just fly along until I am semi out of breath and have to make myself slow down.

Maybe one of these days I'll actually get the hang of this easy running thing.

12 miles with Team Challenge tomorrow!

xx Sara

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