Friday, April 16, 2010

More than a checklist

I love traveling, and I love running, so I should love traveling to run right? Well not so much. Most of the races I do are right in my own backyard - the city of Philadelphia. And I like it this way.

Being the creature of habit that I am, I don't like the unfamiliar, especially during such a crucial time like race day. I like to cook my own dinner, sleep in my own bed, have all available outfit options at my disposal the night before a race, and to not need directions to the race start or around the area.

But this year, because I want to run so many races, staying home is just not an option. I haven't traveled for a race since Hartford and that was to my parents house, let's be serious here that's just a home away from home.

I am OCD. So I must make a list. This list includes everything I could possibly need on race day be it hot, cold, rain, or shine. Hat, sunscreen, shorts, running tights, two pairs of socks (can never be too safe), watch, Body Glide, (as I write this I realize I forgot underwear *runs to go back some* Yikes!), headbands, sunscreen, and so forth. After I write everything on my list, I collect my items and check them off as if I was secretly hoping to win some kind of scavenger hunt. Once collected everything is neatly organized inside my red Adidas gym bag - which I have had since my cheer leading days in high school - which makes me feel more serious than a regular suitcase. Because elite athletes always pack in brightly colored Adidas gym bags? Well in my world they would. I am not confident I have remembered everything until I have double checked my bag, and then verbally run through the checklist with Boyfriend so he can confirm I didn't leave anything out. I told you I was OCD.

I spend the night with Boyfriend, enjoying for once a nice relaxing Friday night. We make salmon and mac and cheese, an odd combo I agree but this is what was available and it was delicious and filling regardless. I treat myself to a glass of red wine, as most other Friday's I force myself to go to bed with only water. Cozied into the couch, I prop up my feet (they are being spoiled for two days in exchange for nothing but hard work during the race) and flip through the latest issue of runners world. I will spend the next two days mentally in the "zone" of preparing for a race. It's the only way I know how to make it work. I think running, talk running, eat sleep and breath running. I take it all a little too seriously.

I still cannot believe that I am running a half marathon in less than two days. Ok I believe it. I cannot belove that I feel ready for it. Ready to kick it's butt. And to come home, rest a few days and then get right back to training.

Can't wait!

xx Sara

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Denise said...

i get stressed about traveling for runs, too. but the few i've traveled for have been the best experiences. i can't wait to travel for more.

hope the half went well!!