Thursday, September 2, 2010


Welcome to September, one of my favorite running months of the year. I am in love with September weather. Late summer heat is still around, but the nights are breezy and cool, making a post work run the most amazing way to unwind. The leaves are turning, the humidity is retreating, and they air may start to chill just enough to be comfortable. It also means race season is underway.

So yesterday morning, after checking my emails, sipping my fabulous iced coffee, and mentally plotting out my to-do list a fabulous idea came over me. I need to tally up my monthly mileage from August! Now this is not something I usually do, or care about, but I like large even numbers, like 50 and 100, and I like to see how far I've come.

Off the wall comes my trusty training calendar, out of the desk drawer comes the calculator (because it was too early in the morning to do mental math...) and after a couple of clickity clicks the number 115 is staring me in the face. At first I think there must be a mistake. 115 is the highest monthly mileage I have run all year. I sure don't FEEL like I have run 115 miles in the past month. But the numbers are right there staring me in the face. All of a sudden I start to feel really good. I mean I was feeling good before but now I am feeling REALLY good. I can't believe I had managed to accomplish so much in so little time. Especially because when August started I was coming off of two weeks of NO RUNNING whatsoever.

Just further proof that if I take things slow, follow my training schedule, I am on the road for a really good race come November.

xx Sara

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