Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mantras Chants and Cheers

True story - I was a high school cheerleader

It only took a few steps into my run last night before I realized I had made a tragic wardrobe mistake. No I didn't forget to put on any items of clothing as I have done before, I was wearing the right socks, shoes, shorts, sports bra, and then I looked down at my shirt. I was wearing my younger sister's Spartan Basketball T, and although it is pretty common for me to wear my sister's T's, this was one that I liked to save for non-working out. Instead of turning around to change, or getting all bent out of shape at the thought of permanent sweat smell, I was instantly reminded of a cheer.
"We are the Spartans
The mighty mighty Spartans
Everywhere we go
People want to know
Who we are
So we tell them
We are the Spartans
The mighty mighty Spartans. . . "

And it goes on for something like three repeats. Yes I was a Spartan, a Red and White and Grey Spartan. Not of the SNL version, but when I was in college, someone actually mistook my high school cheer sweatshirt for an SNL.

Get to the point girl! Ok so as I am running, I am chanting this Spartan cheer in my head. I loose track of the scenery around me, I don't focus on my pace, or my steps, and before I know it I have ran two miles. Every now and then I will get distracted by a thought of something to plan, like what to make for dinner. But like a tag-a-long little sister it is always trailing behind me ready to pounce "Everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, so we tell them. . . "

Then I start to realize, most people have running mantras, and I have cheers and chants. Saying things like "stay strong" or "keep moving forward" don't help me as much as they bore me. Do they help you? Do you use them? Instead of saying something that reminds me of what I'm doing, I need something to take my mind OFF of running. So I chant, I sing, I make up stories. Anything to distract my mind from the rest of the miles left to go.

And so the run went on into the night, the air getting cool and dark "everywhere we go. . . " thinking about what I needed to get done at work the next day, what needed to be sent out and what could wait until later "people want to know. . . " wondering what I had to make for dinner when I got home. Was there anything to cook? Was there anything in the freezer? Was there any wine? Should I even have more wine? Maybe I'll just have cupcakes for dinner. No that would defeat the purpose of being out here on this run burning all these calories. "who we are. So we tell them. . . " Also things I have to do when I get home, write emails, write some fundraising letters. Since I have a night to myself (not staying with Boyfriend) I can probably accomplish a lot of things! Oh maybe I'll even blog when I get home, that would be great, because otherwise I can't do it at work tomorrow "we are the Spartans the mighty mighty Spartans."

And before I realize it, I am rounding the corner to my apartment. Another run conquered.

xx Sara

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