Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's Rock & Roll

Two days stand between me and one of my favorite races, Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon (previously known as the Philadelphia Distance Run. One of the main reasons I would say I am so fond of this race, is it is the course where I have my half marathon PR. The time of year is a perfect mix of summer and fall. It will also be my third half marathon of the year, and I still have two races left to go after this one. Crazy? Maybe a little bit.

Although I have only run this race once before, I also coupled it with the Philadelphia Marathon. It has never been my "main event" race, so it has never made me nervous. Maybe that is why I did so well. The night before I hung out with friends, I ate pizza, and stayed up a little late (for a pre-race night). When I was running I just had fun. Hopefully Sunday brings all those same things. I am also super psyched that I know so many people running! It is a little strange knowing that this race was originally going to be my "main event" race, but plans changed when I signed up for the Philly full instead of the half. Part of me feels weird knowing that of all the races I'm running this year non of them really reflects my best effort in terms of speed. Which isn't a big deal because I know with every race I become better at other skills than just running fast. It's almost as if i am delving beneath the surface of the race and learning to become a better runner.

Since this race is essentially a dress rehearsal for the big 26.2 in November there are a few things I am working on
- even pacing -
- carrying a water bottle and hydrating through out the race (this should be interesting as race pace will be faster than training pace -
- carrying shot blocks and eating one every few miles instead of three at mile six, or nothing at all -
- Shooting for a pace/finish time that would be similar effort to the marathon -

Oh yea and I hope the T-shirt is cool looking. Lord knows I need another T-shirt like I need a hole in my head (as my mother would say).

xx Sara

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Rachel said...

good luck this weekend! i've found that i actually perform better on my "no-pressure" races, too! just reminds me that sooo much is mental.