Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long weekend get away

If you're like me, no matter where the destination, if you're packing for vacation the first thing in your bag is sneakers, and running clothes. It's the only constant that I will find time for a long run. Running on vacation gives me a sense of exploration and freedom. A chance to see the destination from a new viewpoint. This weekend was no exception. Saturday I woke to my mother tapping my foot, just itching to get out the door so we could get back and start the party. Together we ran 11 miles, along route 1 in Madison CT, and then I stopped back at the house to fill up my water bottle and ran 3 more miles to bring me to my grand total of 14 for the day. There was no time for my usual post long run routine as the party was just getting started. I quickly showered and began a cooking, drinking, eating and laughing extravaganza that lasted until I passed out around 9:30pm.

I thought that would be my only early morning beach run, until Boyfriend and I decided to stay one more night, which would mean leaving early Monday morning, and running even earlier. When I woke up morning I was greeted by a gorgeous sunrise and FREEZING temperatures. Although my pace was a little bit brisk due to the chill in the air (I could see my breath for most of the run) I ran along quiet back roads listening to nothing more than the sound of my footsteps on the ground and my breathing. It was magical. There were no cars, no city noises, no people talking except for the occasional "hello" to other runners and bikers passing by.

I was sad to leave such a relaxing amazing place but happy for the time I was able to spend there.

If I woke up to this every morning, I think I would be extra inclined to go for more 6am runs.

Imagine drinking your coffee and breakfast, and then stretching pre-run with this view

xx Sara

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Rachel said...

wow, to say i'm a bit jealous just doesn't cut it!